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Pennguard™ Block Lining System is a world-renowned brand of coal-fired power plant stack anti-corrosion system, Innovatek, as a Pennguard™ Borosilicate Block Lining System supplier and service provider, serves all coal-fired power plant outside China in protecting their wet chimneys. Thanks to the great number of projects executed in the past years, we earned excellent reputation and rich experience in design, construction and quality control in Pennguard™ system application. Our professional technical team and quality control engineer team can provide our customer with the best service in application of Pennguard™ system. In addition to Pennguard™, INNOVATEK serve power generation industry with products from our affiliates Wingo Anti-corrosion Resources (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. Winguard is a system developed to protect scrubber of FGD with great performance and cost effectiveness. Wincon is an one-piece corrosion protection of large concrete tanks such as desulfurization scrubber and flues in coal-fired power plants. it serves environmental protection, FGD, sewage and water supply, chemical, wafer and other industries. INNOVATEK, based on its in-house R&D and production capability, provides a series product of INNOVA CEMENTITIOUS MORTAR which is a silicate-based waterproof and anti-corrosion materials for cooling towers, culverts, bridges and other waterproof and anti-corrosion repair purposes. INNOVATEK is a specialist supplier and service provider of anti-corrosion materials. We are committed to provide high-quality long-term anti-corrosion products and one stop solutions for the global anti-corrosion industry, especially in the environmental protection field of electric power industry. Our products and services will protect equipment from chemical attack for a long time and will also provide designers with a whole new range of design concepts. INNOVATEK is committed to providing customers with long-term low-maintenance anti-corrosion products, providing customers with long-term and low-cost solutions.


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