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The Winguard System is a unique anti-corrosion system, a long-term anti-corrosion system that has been successfully used in desulfurization equipment in coal-fired power plants, and can replace C276 and titanium clad plates for FGD scrubber and flue ducts. Winguard systems offer excellent corrosion and impact and wear resistance as well as ease of application, low cost and virtually maintenance-free.

Winguard plate anti-corrosion lining system is a long-term anti-corrosion system specially developed for desulfurization equipment in power plants. The system is developed and improved on the basis of the Pennguard lining system, using the excellent Performance of Pennguard membrane adhesive as a corrosion-resistant and impermeable layer, and the special fiber-reinforced PP thermoplastic FRP replace borosilicate glass block. This results in a special anti-corrosion system with a tough surface and excellent flexibility.

The Winguard plate system overcomes the shortcomings of the Pennguard lining in terms of erosion resistance and wear resistance, and has extremely high pressure, wear and wash resistance. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and impermeability of the Pennguard system are retained, as well as good construction and durability. The system can be directly lined on the surface of the original carbon steel or concrete equipment, or directly replaced by the original glass flake and anti-corrosion lined desulfurization scrubber or flues, after cleaning and sandblasting or sanding. It has an extremely wide range of applicability.

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