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Wincon Membrane Layer Anti-corrosion Systems


WINCON integrated concrete flexible pp membrane layer anti-corrosion tank system is a new anti-corrosion tank concept. It is a high-performance, economical anti-corrosion concrete trough developed by using WINCON flexible membrane layer, good corrosion resistance, elasticity, durability and integral molding of concrete bodies.

The system includes WINCON special flexible membrane layer, special WINCON formwork, welding and bonding supporting materials, reinforced concrete trough composition.

WINCON flexible coatings have good adhesion to concrete & adhesives, which also have excellent weldability, resulting in a perfect concrete-plastic fit. Endowed with a high level of corrosion and impermeability to WINCON one-piece molding flexible film membrane anti-corrosion storage tanks.

WINCON coatings are usually 3mm thick or customized as needed, with a thickness of 3mm that provides good resistance to conventional anti-corrosion media. In addition, when the membrane layer is scratched by the sharp object during use or construction, it can also be repaired by patch welding. Construction and repair construction is very convenient.

Schematic diagram of the structure of the WINCON one-piece forming groove system

Advantages of

The Wincon Integrated Membrane Layer Anti-corrosion Concrete Tank

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