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Innova Cementitious Mortar


After the cooling tower of the power plant is put into use for a long time, the tower body will often be corroded for various reasons due to long-term use, especially in the cold area, the corrosion freeze-thaw problem of the cooling tower is particularly prominent. Most of the cooling tower repair materials on the market use epoxy or polyester anti-corrosion repair materials, and due to the expansion coefficient and internal stress, the use effect is very unsatisfactory.


INNOVA CEMENTITIOUS MORTAR is a silicate-based repair-enhanced anti-corrosion product that provides a reliable solution to the corrosion protection problem of cooling towers.

Unique advantages of

Innova Cementitious Mortar

High bond strength

INNOVA cementitious anti-corrosion and waterproof series materials have excellent bond strength with the concrete matrix, coupled with the same physical properties as the substrate, there is no risk of peeling

Excellent corrosion resistance and impermeability

Since the repair mortar, fiber reinforced structural mortar and impermeable surface material in the INNOVA cementitious anti-corrosion and waterproof series materials have long-term resistance to all gases and liquid media in the freshwater tower, seawater tower and smoke extraction tower, and the structural mortar has an extremely low permeability, the impermeable surface layer has a self-healing function, thereby greatly reducing the permeability of the system.

Low shrinkage

As a repair and anti-corrosion waterproof functional material, the shrinkage rate has a very large impact on the adhesion and temperature stress resistance of the material, and the shrinkage rate of INNOVA series materials is far better than that of general waterproof materials on the market.

Excellent constructability

Due to the high difficulty of anti-corrosion and waterproof construction and maintenance of the cooling tower, the constructability of the material greatly affects the quality of the project, INNOVA anti-corrosion and waterproof series materials have good application performance, and have a good tolerance for the construction environment and matrix treatment, which is more conducive to ensuring the durability of the anti-corrosion and waterproof project of the cooling tower.

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